Transforming graduate education in physics to be more equitable and diverse

Fostering institutional change in graduate education in physics through an intergenerational and communal effort that establishes a more inclusive, supportive, and equitable program.



  1. phys_today_2023.jpeg
    Making graduate admissions in physics more equitable
    Nicholas T. YoungKirsten Tollefson, and Marcos D. Caballero
    Physics Today, Jul 2023


  1. grad_admissions.png
    Rubric-based holistic review: A promising route to equitable graduate admissions in physics
    Nicholas T. YoungK. TollefsonRemco G. T. Zegers, and Marcos D. Caballero
    Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res., Nov 2022


  1. Physics Graduate Record Exam does not help applicants “stand out”
    Nicholas T. Young, and Marcos D. Caballero
    Physical Review Physics Education Research, Nov 2021
  2. JEDM
    Predictive and Explanatory Models Might Miss Informative Features in Educational Data
    Nicholas T. Young, and Marcos D. Caballero
    Journal of Educational Data Mining, Nov 2021


  1. Using Machine Learning to Understand Physics Graduate School Admissions
    Nicholas T. Young, and Marcos D. Caballero
    In 2019 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings, Nov 2019