**TRUE or FALSE:** For any trajectory in a "1+1"-dimensional Minkowski diagram, the slope can be **no greater** than 1. 1. True 2. False Note: * Correct Answer: B * Has to be greater than 1
Two events have a timelike separation. In a "1+1"-dimensional spacetime (Minkowski) diagram (x horizontal, ct vertical), the magnitude of the slope of a line connecting the two events is 1. Greater than 1 2. Equal to 1 3. Less than 1 Note: * Correct Answer: A
Consider the world line of an object drawn on a Minkowski (space-time) diagram. At any point in that space, the slope of that line is: 1. larger than 1 2. less than 1 3. able to take on any value Note: * Correct answer: A
Points that lie outside the light cone for a given event are: 1. accessible no matter where they are 2. accessible for given world lines (trajectories) 3. always inaccessible Note: * Correct answer: C