## Welcome to PHY 481 ### Electrostatics Prof. Danny Caballero
### Contacting Danny Office: 1310-A BPS Email: <caballero@pa.msu.edu> Cell phone: 517-420-5330 (texting is fine) ### Contacting Zhouyou Zhouyou Fan Email: <fanzhouy@msu.edu>
### Important Sites * Course Webpage: [dannycab.github.io/phy481msu_f2017/](http://dannycab.github.io/phy481msu_f2017/) * Discussion Forum: [ piazza.com/msu/fall2017/phy481](https:// piazza.com/msu/fall2017/phy481) (*Check your email*)
### Course Activities * Evening Exams (2 of them; Oct 4 and Nov 8; 7-9pm) - 20% each * Final Exam (Time and Location: TBD) - 20% * Homework (Lots of it; Due on Wednesdays) - 40% * Clickers - Extra Credit - reduce impact of exams [Much more detail on website](http://dannycab.github.io/phy481msu_f2017/)
### Clickers Self-register your clicker [https://goo.gl/cVfzS5](https://goo.gl/cVfzS5) Type the 8 digit code on the back of the clicker next to your name.
Learning is a social and collaborative act! ### Homework Help Session **Evening session twice per week (Location TBD)** Question to you: When should we do this? 1. Monday 4-5pm 2. Monday 5-6pm 3. Tuesday 4-5pm 4. Tuesday 5-6pm 5. None of these times work Reminder: Homework is due on Wednesdays.
How likely are you to attend the help sessions? 1. Very likely 2. Likely 3. Not likely, I really want a different day/time 4. I’m unlikely to attend regardless of schedule
## This Week!!! * Homework 1 is already up (Due Wed. Sept. 6) * Read (seriously do this!) Griffiths Ch 1.1-1.4 & 2.1-2.2 [1] * [Download Anaconda distribution of Python](https://www.continuum.io/downloads) **Stay up-to-date by checking website, calendar, and discussion forum regularly.** [1]: *I am assuming that Ch. 1 of Griffiths is mostly review.*
### Computational Homework problems * We will be using Python on homework problems this semester. * Installation instructions appear on the piazza site. * Homework questions will take the form of [a Jupyter notebook](https://github.com/dannycab/phy481msu/blob/gh-pages/jupyter/HW1-GradientProblem.ipynb), which you can print to PDF and turn in. * If you get stuck somewhere, post on piazza, so your classmates benefit from your question. * Computational HW problems are turned in via Dropbox file requests. *Look for link at the top of each homework assignment and include your name in the filename!*
### Spartan Code of Honor Academic Pledge As a Spartan, I will strive to uphold values of the highest ethical standard. I will practice honesty in my work, foster honesty in my peers, and take pride in knowing that honor is worth more than grades. I will carry these values beyond my time as a student at Michigan State University, continuing the endeavor to build personal integrity in all that I do.
### Advice from those who came before you * Go to class every day and participate in the clicker questions/discussion * The homework is challenging but very important, don't short cut it * Start your homework early and spend your time on understanding all of it * Don't do it alone; form study groups * Attend the help session, but start the homework first
Thinking of what you want to get out of your college education and this course, which of the following is *most* important to you? 1. Acquiring information (facts, principles, concepts, procedures) 2. Learning how to use information and knowledge in new situations 3. Developing lifelong learning skills
All three of these goals are clearly important. However, which of these three goals do you think you can do on our own (say, before class)? 1. Acquiring information (facts, principles, concepts, procedures) 2. Learning how to use information and knowledge in new situations 3. Developing lifelong learning skills
# Questions?
Are you interested in a Physics GRE study group? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Maybe
## What do you think PHY 481 is about?
### Electromagnetism is the foundational field theory of physics Think about everything you already know about electromagnetism (it's a lot already!). Work with a partner to map out the electromagnetism concepts that you know and how they are related to each other.